SysTax - a Database System for Systematics and Taxonomy


SysTax is a central database system for biodiversity data.


Use the SysTax-system on-line for

  • storing your taxonomic data (names, literature, systematics) and all additional taxon specific data such as ditital images, sound files, video sequences, and text files
  • managing your collections
  • managing your botanic garden

Have a look at the complete list of program functions and the (German) manual.


Download the installation file for the SysTax clients for Windows-XP (download) or the other Windows versions  (download). If you don't have the "arj" software for unpacking theses files, get it here.

Send us an e-mail to get the password for the test database or the user database.

Import of your data

If you have already data stored in any other system (database or spreadsheet file) you can have the data imported to SysTax to make them accessible in the web. Have a look at our import file definitions here.