1 Query fields

Enter the genus and the species name you want to query in the appropriate fields and start the query with "Start query". The result is shown under 2 . Enter a "%" in the "species" field to get all species of a genus.

Parth quin for Parthenocissus quinquefolius.
Parth % for all species of the genus Parthenocissus

2 Query result

Check the material you want to order in the checkboxes and klick on "Add to order list". The complete order list is shown under 3. Repeat step 1 and 2 for additional material.

3 Order list

Remove any item from the order by "unchecking" and klicking on "Update order list". Go to point 4 to send the order(s).

4 Send order

Enter your name and postal and email address in the appropriate fields. In the field "letter" you can anter a short message. Remember that this message will be sent to all gardens the material has been selected from. Klick on "Send" to send the seed order(s).

J.R. Hoppe & E. Boos, Universität Ulm