SysTax - a Database System for Systematics and Taxonomy

SysTax is an integrated concept-based database system for storing  biodiversity data.

The SysTax database system comprises:

  • concept-based botanical and zoological systematics
    SysTax stores an unlimited number of "concepts" of a taxon regarding its systematic position and its synonyms
  • literature
  • Botanic Gardens, Herbaria, and Zoological Collections
    SysTax holds the data of an unlimited number of gardens of other collections and provides all functions for e.g. seed exchange and loan.
  • addresses
  • multimedia data (pictures, sound files and video sequences
    Multimedia data can be linked with collection items, taxa, and / or literature citations.

Have a look at the complete task profile here or at the (German) manual.

Date can be entered in Systax through the SysTax client software [download] or imported from other databases. The offline application "SysTax-light" can be used for Data entry of data from gardens or collections [free download].

Please visit the new SysTax-5 version at

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SysTax is GBIF-Provider for the German GBIF-nodes Evertebrata 1, Evertebrata 2, and Vertebrata. The botanical data stored in SysTax are part of the node Botany. [list of project partners ...]

© Jürgen R. Hoppe, Evelin Boos, Sebastian Fischer, Christian Vogelpohl, Dept. of Systematic Botany and Ecology, University of  Ulm, D- 89069 Ulm, Germany; Thomas Stützel, Systematic Botany, Ruhr-University of Bochum, Universitätsstrasse 150, D- 44780 Bochum, Germany