x Pyronia veitchii (Trabut) Guill.
Cydonia oblongua Miller x Pyrus communis L.
Cydonia veitchii 'John Seden' Trabut - Pyrocydonia 'John Seden' Guill.
x Pyronia veitchii (47026 octets)
Deciduous shrub or small tree. Leaves elliptic, entire, 4-13 cm long, 2-4.5 cm wide, light glossy green above, paler and slightly downy beneath. Flowers often grouped by 3, white (pinkish in bud) 4-5 cm across, in May. Anthers violet. Fruit ellipsoid, greenish-yellow, spotted with red.

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Cultivated: France and Germany

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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