Ugni molinae Turcz.
Myrtus ugni (Molina.), Eugenia ugni ((Molina.)Hook.f.)
Ugni molinae (22971 Bytes)
Small evergreen shrub. Entire, ovate leaves, opposite, leathery, 1 cm wide, 3 cm long, pointed, with pubescent, reddish petioles. Lamina dull-green. Remarkable sunken midrip. Older leaves recurved. Downy young twigs. Small, cup-shaped, white-purplish flowers in terminal clusters of 2-5 with recurved sepals and dark-purple filaments with brownish antheres. Fruits are simple berries, dark-red, less than 1 cm in diameter with a strawberry taste.

Home: Chile

Other views: Leaves, fruits

Cultivated: Tasmania

Author: Rainer Oberle

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