Sinocalycanthus chinensis (Cheng&Chang) Cheng&Chang
Sinocalycanthus chinensis(50190 bytes)
A medium-sized, decidous shrub reaching about 3m. Leaves opposite,broadly elliptic to ovate, light-green, turning yellow in autumn, up to 20cm long and 10cm wide. The flowers are borne singly at the ens of the shoots. They are nodding, up to 7cm across, with numerous tepals. The outer tepals are white or a little rose, the inner, smaller tepals are pale yellow with dark-red markings. The shrub is blooming in June - July. It is well growing in shade, no loamy soil and humid conditions. It is a remarkable, hardy shrub.

Home: E-China

Other views: Leaves, flower

Cultivated: Germany

Author: Ulrich Herzog

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