Ribes menziesii Pursh.
Grossularia menziesii (Pursh.) Cov. & Britt. - Ribes subvestitum Hook. & Arn.
Ribes menziesii (27838 octets)
Deciduous small spiny shrub up to 2 m high. Young shoots bristly, yellow brown. Leaves 2-4 cm wide with 3 (or sometimes 5) toothed lobes. Lamina glabrous or slightly hairy above, pubescent and glandular beneath.1 or 2 flowers about 1.5 cm long in March-April. Ovary glandular-bristly. 5 purple reflexed sepals contrasting with the smaller white petals. Anthers sagittate. Fruit globose, bristly. Seems to be hardy.

Home: Western USA

Other views: Flowers, Flowers

Cultivated: France

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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