x Mahoberberis aquisargentii Krüssmann
x Mahoberberis aquisargentii (37177 Bytes)
A hybrid between Mahonia aquifolium and Berberis candidula. Medium-sized, evergreen shrub of dense and upright habit. Leaves vary in shape and are either slender-stalked, elliptic-lanceolate and regularly spine-toothed, or short-stalked, ovate-lanceolate and margined with 2 cm long, vicious spines. Some leaves are compound, with 2 leaflets at their base. All are shining dark green above, paler beneath. Yellow flowers in terminal clusters, followed by black berries.

Home: Sweden (first found)

Other views: Variable leaves, whole plant

Cultivated: Germany

Author: Rainer Oberle

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