Kadsura japonica (L.) Dunal
Uvaria japonica L.
Kadsura japonica (21562 Bytes)
Evergreen, ascending shrub up to 2.5 m. Alternate, lanceolate leaves, 7-13 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, margins waved with short spines, leave base cuneate, leave tips aristate, lamina dull-green, petioles up to 2.5 cm long, young leaves and twigs reddish, axillary, brown, sharp buds. Older twigs covered with brownish lenticels. 4 cm long stalked, single, drooping flowers in late summer and early autumn, 2 cm wide, fragrant (butter-acid). Creamy-white, succulent sepals.

Home: China, Japan, Taiwan

Other views: Leaves

Cultivated: Germany

Author: Rainer Oberle

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