Fortunearia sinensis Rehd. & Wils.
Fortunearia sinensis (32736 Bytes)
Deciduous shrub to small tree up to 5 m. Leaves alternate, obovate-elliptic or obovate-oblong, 7-20 cm long, 4-9 cm wide. Lamina glabrous, dark and dull green above, paler and slightly hairy on veins beneath. Margin dentate, with mucronulate teeths. Inflorescence in terminal racemes, 3-6 cm long in April. Small flowers about 4 mm across, with unconspicuous brown petals and 5 red anthers. Fruit is a brown and woody capsule, 12-15 mm long, covered with lenticels. Completely hardy.

Home: Wertern China

Other views: Inflorescence, Leaves

Cultivated: France and Germany

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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