Embothrium coccineum Forst. & Forst.f.
Embothrium coccineum (38455 octets)
Evergreen (some forms are also deciduous) small tree up to 10-15 m high. Leaves alternate, entire, very variable in shape: elliptic to lanceolate or narrow oblong, glossy green and glabrous, 5-20 cm long. Inflorescences in dense racemes in May-June. Flowers long stalked, scarlet-red, 3 cm long, with 4 linear, recurved lobes, each carrying one stamen. This species grows well near the atlantic coast in always moist climate and acid soil. The forms with the narrower leaves are said to be the hardier.

Home: Chile

Other views: None

Cultivated: France

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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