Cornus officinalis Siebold et Zucc.
Cornus officinalis (47545 bytes)
Decidous, shrub or small tree, 4 m high with interesting peeling bark when older. Elliptic, opposite leaves with pointed apex, 5 cm wide, 10 cm long, lamina glabrous, glaucous underneath, bearded at the junction of the veins and midrip, Petioles maximum 1 cm long. Yellow flowers in dense clusters in february/march. Olive-shape fruits, 2 cm long, 1 cm wide, bright red, remaining very long on the shrub in autumn.

Home: China, Korea, Japan

Other views: Leaves, Bark

Cultivated: Germany

Author: Rainer Oberle

Ethnobotanical aspects of Cornus officinalis by Plants for a future database

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