Tripterygium wilfordii Hook.f.
Tripterygium forrestii Loes.
Tripterygium wilfordii (75312 octets)
Deciduous scandent shrub. Twigs brown, angular, downy. Leaves ovate to elliptic, 5-15 cm long, 2,5-7 cm wide, light green glabrous above, paller, very glaucous and pubescent on nerves beneath. Margin crenate, apex pointed. Small whitish flowers with 5 petals about 9 mm across, in terminal panicles in July. Fruit 3-winged, about 1,5 cm long, brown-red.

Home: China, Taiwan, Burma

Other views: Flowers

Cultivated: France

Author: Frédéric Tournay

Ethnobotanical aspects of Tripterygium wilfordii by Plants for a future database

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