Sinomenium acutum (Thunb.) Rehd. & Wils.
Cocculus heterophyllus Hemsl. & Wils. - Cocculus diversifolius Miq. - Menispermum acutum Thunb. - Sinomenium diversifolius (Miq.) Diels
Sinomenium acutum (47023 octets)
Deciduous, dioecious climber. Leaves long stalked, very variable in shape, orbicular to ovate, entire or with 3 to 5(7) lobes, base truncate or cordate, glabrous, deep green above, glaucous beneath. Leaf blade 3.5-18 cm long, 3.5-17 cm wide. Small yellowish-green flowers in axillary panicles 10-25 cm long, in June. Fruits globose, black-blue, bloomy. Hardy.

Home: China, Japan

Other views: Fruits, Leaves

Cultivated: France and Germany

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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