Osmanthus heterophyllus (G. Don) P.S. Green
Osmanthus aquifolium Sieb. - Osmanthus ilicifolius (Hassk.) Carr.
Osmanthus heterophyllus (35950 octets)
Evergreen shrub or small tree. Leaves opposite, glabrous, elliptic, ovate or elliptic-oblong, 3-7 cm long, 1.5-3 cm wide, dark shining green above, yellowish-green beneath. Margin entire or with 1-4 pairs of spiny teeth. Flowers fragant, white, about 5-7 mm across, with 4 reflexed petals and 2 long stamens, in axillary clusters. Flowering from September to November. Hardy.

Home: Japan, Taiwan

Other views: Leaves

Cultivated: France and Germany

Author: Frédéric Tournay

Ethnobotanical aspects of Osmanthus heterophyllus by Plants for a future database

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