Neolitsea sericea (Bl.) Koidz.
Litsea glauca Sieb. - Neolitsea glauca (Sieb.) Koidz. - Neolitsea sieboldii (E. Ktze.) Nakai
Neolitsea sericea (56157 octets)
Evergreen dioecious tree. Leaves alternate, leathery, tough, glabrous when mature, oblong to oval-oblong, 8-18 cm long, 4-7 cm wide, 3 nerved, dull green above, glaucous and white beneath. Young leaves densely covered with silky, yellow-brown hairs. Yellow flowers in autum, in axilary umbels. Fruit red, ellipsoid, 12-15 mm long.

Home: Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan

Other views: None

Cultivated: France

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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