Maddenia hypoleuca Koehne
Maddenia hypoleuca (32394 octets)
Small dioecious and deciduous shrub up to 6 m high. Young leaves & young twigs reddish. Leaves near sessile, ovate to oblong, glaucous, 3-13 cm long, 1,5-5,5 cm wide, long acuminate, double-serrate, dull green above, paler and glaucous beneath. Inflorescences in dense racemes 2-4 cm long. Small apetalous flowers with green to reddish sepals and a conspicuous cluster of yellowish stamens on male plants. Flowering in March-April. Black elliptic fruits.

Home: Western China

Other views: Leaves

Cultivated: France

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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