Lindera triloba (Sieb. & Zucc.) Bl.
Parabenzoin trilobum (Sieb. & Zucc.) Nakai - Benzoin trilobum Sieb. & Zucc.
Lindera triloba (69556 octets)
Deciduous, dioecious shrub. Leaves alternate. The small ones are elliptic and entire, bigger ones with 3 ovate, acuminate lobes of the same size. Lamina dark green & glabrous above, paler with scattered hairs beneath, 5-13 cm long, 3,5-13 cm wide. Petiole reddish. Inflorescences in short pedunculated umbels. Fruit globose, about 1 cm across. Hardy.

Home: China and Japan

Other views: None

Cultivated: France

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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