Corylopsis spicata Sieb. & Zucc.
Corylopsis kesakii Sieb. & Zucc.
Corylopsis spicata (45380 octets)
Small deciduous shrub. Young shoots pubescent. Leaves ovate to orbicular, 4-15 cm long, 3-10 cm wide, dull green above, glaucous and pilose beneath. Apex pointed, base cordate, margin sinuate to dentate, bristle-toothed. Bright yellow flowers by 7 to 10 on a long and downy stalk, in 4-7 cm long racemes. Anthers dark purple. Stamens as long as petals. Flowering in March-April. Quite hardy.

Home: Japan

Other views: Leaves

Cultivated: France and Germany

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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