Cordyline indivisa (Forst. f.) Steud.
Dracaena indivisa Forst. f.
Cordyline indivisa (61491 octets)
Evergreen shrub with a solitary trunk rarely branched. Leaves entire, linear, narrowed, 1-2 m long, 10-15 cm wide, green with prominent veins which are, like the midrib, tinted with reddish, orange or yellow. Lamina glaucous beneath. Inflorescence 60-160 cm long, in dense pendulous panicles. Flowers 1-2 cm across white to lilac. Fruit globose, 6 mm long, black-bluish. Tender, only for mildest gardens near the sea coast.

Home: New Zealand

Other views: Lamina

Cultivated: France

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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