Cephalanthus occidentalis L.
Cephalanthus occidentalis (34420 octets)
Deciduous shrub. Leaves opposite or whorled, entire, shortly stalked, ovate to elliptic-lanceolate, 5-15 cm long, 2.5-7 cm wide. Lamina acuminate, bright glossy green above, paler beneath, glabrous. Small yellow-white flower in tube with four lobes and a long style, in axillary or terminal globular heads about 3.5-4 cm across. Flowering in July-August. Hardy.

Home: Canada, Eastern USA., Mexico

Other views: Foliage

Cultivated: France and Germany

Author: Frédéric Tournay

Ethnobotanical aspects of Cephalanthus occidentalis by Plants for a future database

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