Butia capitata (Mart.) Becc.
Cocos capitata Mart. - Cocos coronata Mart. - Syagrus capitata (Mart.) Glassm.
Butia capitata (72939 octets)
Beautiful medium palm. Short trunck up to 6 m high. Base of the old leaf stalk persisting during a long time on the stem. Leaves pinnate, gray-green to bluish, recurve, up to 2-3 m long. Pinnae in groups of 2-3 along the rhachis. Petiole prickly. Small yellow to reddish flowers. Fruit ovate, about 2 cm long, with 3 seeds surrounded by a fleshy, juicy, yellow-orange pulp.

Home: Brazil and Uruguay

Other views: Young plant

Cultivated: France

Author: Frédéric Tournay

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