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24 th March, 2001

One of the first objective of this database is to present "rare & unusual plants" in cultivation in Europe, growing in public or private gardens. It is still possible to increase the choice and the diversity of plants useable in horticulture. The unusual statut of a species is very subjective, and it`s only based on the authors point of view. We have choosen first only woody plants like trees, shrubs , conifers, climbers, bamboos and palms.

Our aim is:
pointbl.gif (1016 Byte)   to show plants which are rare in cultivation.
pointbl.gif (1016 Byte)   to estimate the hardiness of species listed here (location maps are included).
pointbl.gif (1016 Byte)   to give you an impression how useful plants can be (link to Plants for future database if information is available).
pointbl.gif (1016 Byte)   to exchange experience with other botanists about dissemination and cultivation of rare plants.

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We understand this database as an dynamic system. It is created for beeing updated also by its users. Additions and comments are welcome. Authors names are indicated at the end of each plant description.

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