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Mastoptera new species #1
(minuta complex)

Mastoptera new species #1, habitus (female left, male right) Mastoptera new species #1, thorax Mastoptera new species #1, sternum
Specimens examined: La Selva: 1m 6f from Tonatia brasiliensis.
Additional records: Braulio Carrillo: 2m 2f "Mastoptera sp. (minuta complex)" from Tonatia brasiliensis (Timm et al., 1989). Although we have not compared our specimens to those of Timm et al., it is likely that they are conspecific.
Note: Wenzel (1976) considered Mastoptera minuta to be restricted to the host Tonatia silvicola, while several undescribed species differing in host, size, and number of setae on various structures were noted but not described. In La Selva, Mastoptera minuta can only be distinguished from Mastoptera new species #1 by host species and a consistent difference in size.